Service Impact

The Mission of W.I.S.H. Foundation Inc. is to provide educational and cultural services that promote the social advancement of the members of our diverse community.

The WISH (Women Involved in Service to Humanity) Foundation, Incorporated was incorporated on June 2, 1988. The Foundation was organized to stimulate intellectual and educational advancements of the members of our diverse community; provide financial support to social agencies in the community; develop educational programs that will facilitate economic empowerment; provide social and educational services; provide voter registration (non-partisan); provide educational counseling (through paid and volunteer professionals) on substance abuse; develop programs to reduce illiteracy through tutorial reading programs, scholarships, education, and guidance and support; provide voluntary services for the elderly, teen guidance and development, mentoring and assertiveness training; provide career education and drop-out prevention counseling beginning at the elementary level; and enhance cultural awareness and appreciation for the arts.

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